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Top 5 Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Services - 2023 Salaries

Top 5 Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Services - 2023 Salaries

Ready to start making some serious money in the consumer services industry?

We’ve got the perfect list for you!

Check out the top 7 best-paying jobs in consumer services, with corresponding salaries updated for 2023. You’re sure to find a job that’s perfect for you.

Making a good living is important, but so is finding a job that you love.

That’s why we’ve made our list of the top 7 best-paying jobs in consumer services so informative. So take a look and see which one of these amazing jobs is right for you!

Keep reading to learn more about each of these in-demand jobs in consumer services.

1. Concierge

Average National Salary: $42,825 per year + Tips

Job Role Duties:

While the duties of a concierge can vary depending on the property, they typically involve assisting guests with their needs, providing information about the hotel and its amenities, and making recommendations about things to do in the area.

Concierges may also be responsible for handling guest complaints or concerns. Regardless of their specific duties, concierges play a vital role in ensuring that hotel guests have a positive experience.

The concierge has a significant customer service representatives role at every hotel, often being the person with the most personal contact with the guests.

Why People Love Concierge Jobs:

A huge draw to being a concierge is that they make more than their regular salary, as they receive tips that average around $70 per day. This means you could be making an extra $18,200 on top of your paycheck every year as a full-time concierge!

This also means the concierge job is a popular one, but not only for the tips. A concierge job offers a unique opportunity to help people in a variety of ways which can be exciting and engaging for people who like to have variety in their day-to-day tasks, unlike other roles in consumer services.

From directions and restaurant recommendations to tickets and reservations, concierges are expected to be knowledgeable about their city and its attractions.

In addition, they often provide personalized service that makes guests feel welcome and valued. As a result, concierges play an important role in creating a positive experience for hotel guests. This also leads to the concierge feeling a sense of joy and fulfillment.

If you're a people person, this job is for you!

What You Should Know About Being A Concierge:

A concierge job is a great way to get started in the consumer services industry. Most concierge jobs require at least a high school education or equivalent, and 1-year previous experience in a customer service role.

However, there are some concierge jobs that may require more experience or training.

If you have the necessary qualifications, concierge jobs can be a great way to start your career in the customer services field.

The hours are usually flexible, and you can often set your own schedule. In addition, concierge jobs often come with benefits such as health insurance and vacation pay.

Also, as mentioned above the concierge is responsible for creating a memorable experience for each guest that comes through the door, so it's essential a concierge must be able to anticipate needs and accommodate requests in a timely and professional manner.

Excellent customer service skills are essential, as concierges must be able to handle difficult situations with tact and grace.

They must also have a strong knowledge of the hotel property and surrounding area in order to provide accurate information to guests.

If you're looking for a challenging and rewarding career in the consumer services industry, a concierge job may be the perfect fit for you. With tips, it can be one of the best-paying jobs in consumer services!

> List of Open Concierge Jobs

2. Member Services Representative

Average National Salary: $47,612 per year

Job Role Duties:

Member Services Representatives are customer service professionals who help to resolve Member concerns. They may work in a call center environment or be member-facing in a retail location for gyms, banks, insurance firms or any other membership-type community or organization that deals in consumer services.

Member Services Representatives use active listening skills to gather information about members' needs and effectively communicate solutions. In some cases, they may need to escalate Member concerns to a supervisor or management team.

In general, their tasks can be anything from answering the phone, welcoming guests, and dealing with questions and concerns as well as educating members on procedures, policies, and benefits.

Why People Love Member Services Representative Jobs:

There are many reasons why people love working as member services representatives. For one, it's a great way to help people.

As a member services representative, you'll be responsible for answering questions and resolving issues for members of an organization.

This can be extremely gratifying work, as you'll know that you're making a difference in people's lives on a daily basis.

In addition, member service representatives typically enjoy a high degree of job satisfaction. This is due to the fact that they often have a great deal of autonomy in their work, and they also receive a lot of positive feedback from members.

Finally, member services representative jobs tend to be very stable, which is something that is increasingly important in today's economy and the consumer services industry.

What You Should Know About Being A Member Services Representative:

Typically, there are entry-level Member Services Representatives jobs requiring only a high school certificate but there are often mid-level jobs that require 2-5 years of experience.

It's important to note that Member Services Representatives must be able to stay calm and efficient when solving members' problems and handling difficult customer service scenarios.

They must have strong written and verbal communication skills in order to properly document member interactions.

A successful Member Service Representative job role requires excellent customer service skills, the ability to problem solve, and effective written and verbal communication skills.

This is a great job option to join the consumer services sector with little to no experience.

> List of Open Member Services Representative Jobs

3. Service Advisor

Average National Salary: $59,404 per year + $19,000 commissions

Job Role Duties:

A service advisor is a customer service representative or specialist who works in a service department at an auto dealership service center or a general auto services company.

They are the main point of contact between the customer and the service technicians.

The job duties of a service advisor include scheduling service appointments, greeting customers, inspecting vehicles, diagnosing mechanical problems, and providing estimates for repairs.

They also answer questions about the service process and keep customers updated on the status of their vehicle. In some cases, service advisors may also be responsible for selling service contracts or extended warranties which they can receive commissions for.

Service advisor job duties can vary depending on the size of the dealership or service department. However, most service advisors share a common goal of providing excellent customer service and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

It is one of the more specialized areas of the consumer services type jobs.

Why People Love Service Advisor Jobs:

Many people love working as service advisors because of the satisfaction they get from helping customers with their automotive service and upgrade requirements and the challenge of keeping up with the constantly changing technology in the automotive industry.

If you love cars, tech, or other machinery, this job could light you up!

Service Advisors often form close relationships with their customers, which can be very gratifying.

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career, a job as a service advisor may be right for you.

What You Should Know About Being A Service Advisor :

Service Advisor roles often require no formal school certificates or education. However, to be successful in this role, service advisors need to have strong people skills and be able to effectively communicate with customers. They must also be well-organized and able to keep track of multiple appointments.

Therefore, usually 1 year or more in a role where you can demonstrate your ability to communicate well and keep organized is required.

It also helps to have some knowledge of the auto industry, as while most of the details of specific positions can be taught on the job, a basic understanding of automobiles and service requirements is a plus to any would-be employer.

This is easily one of the best-paying jobs in consumer services due to the ability to earn commissions.

While the entry requirements to this profession are a little higher than others in the consumer services industries, it's well worth the effort to gain the experience needed to get one of the best-paying jobs.

> List of Open Service Advisor Jobs

4. Help Desk Analyst

Average National Salary: $48,253

Job Role Duties:

The help desk analyst is the first point of contact for customers and internal employees seeking technical assistance.

They are responsible for troubleshooting issues and providing support for a wide range of software and hardware products. They are also tasked with software updates, setting up new hardware, and installing other network or electronic equipment.

In many cases, help desk analysts are also responsible for managing customer accounts and providing training on new products and features, making it one of the more variable skilled jobs in consumer services.

Help desk analysts typically work in an office environment, but they may also be required to work remotely.

They are expected to have experience with a wide range of computer hardware and software.

They must also be able to communicate effectively with users of all technical levels.

Why People Love Help Desk Analyst Jobs:

People love help desk analyst jobs as they are a great way to get involved in the tech industry without having to commit to a specific area of expertise.

And for many people, a help desk analyst job is the perfect way to start their career in the tech industry, as it allows them to gain experience in a variety of different areas.

Moreover, help desk analyst jobs are typically one of the best paying jobs in the consumer services field, meaning that they can provide a great deal of financial security.

And finally, help desk analyst jobs are often very challenging and rewarding, providing analysts with a sense of achievement when they are able to successfully resolve a problem. Consequently, it's no surprise so many people love help desk analyst jobs.

What You Should Know About Being A Help Desk Analyst:

Help desk analyst jobs can be found requiring little to no formal education requirements for entry-level customer service jobs.

The main thing employers are looking for in potential candidates is knowledge of the systems and hardware they use every day to conduct business.

So, if you have good knowledge of computers, wifi, and networks and can demonstrate your ability either with past experience or in person during an interview, you can be in the running for any one of the numerous jobs out there.

The more specialized the equipment and software used the more specialized your experience will need to be.

But, if you have an interest and an ability in the tech space, this is a fantastic option to get one of the best-paying jobs even as an entry-level employee in consumer services.

> List of Open Help Desk Analyst Jobs

5. Front Desk Manager

Average National Salary: $67,362

Job Role Duties:

A front desk manager is responsible for overseeing the front desk staff and operations at a hotel, resort, or any other type of lodging facility.

They are typically in charge of hiring, training, and scheduling front desk employees on the customer service team, as well as handling customer concerns and complaints.

In addition, front desk managers may also be responsible for auditing guest rooms and preparing reports for senior management.

A front desk manager plays an important role in ensuring that guests have a positive experience at the facility and that operations run smoothly while reporting directly to the senior client services staff/client services manager.

With their knowledge of the front desk operations and ability to resolve customer issues, front desk managers are an essential part of the hotel staff.

Why People Love Front Desk Manager Jobs:

Front desk manager jobs are some of the most popular positions in the hospitality industry and consumer services jobs in general.

There are a number of reasons why people love these jobs, including the opportunity to meet new people and the chance to work in a fast-paced environment.

One of the most appealing aspects of front desk manager jobs is the variety of duties they involve. In addition to greeting guests and answering phone calls, front desk managers also handle reservations, check-in/check-out procedures, and oversee financial transactions.

Another reason why front desk manager jobs are so popular is the opportunity they offer to advance within the hospitality industry. Many front desk managers eventually move into higher-level positions, such as hotel general managers or corporate administrators.

As a result, these jobs provide an excellent starting point for those interested in a career in hospitality as high-level customer service representatives.

What You Should Know About Being A Front Desk Manager:

While this is one of the highest-paying jobs on our top 5 list in consumer services, it also requires more formal education for the best-paying jobs you'll find advertised.

The top jobs usually require a bachelor's degree in Hotel Management, Business Administration, or a related field, as well as 1-3 years of experience in a customer service position in the front office or guest services team.

However, there are smaller companies that may be able to take less formal education and or experience to give you a start in this highly rated consumer services position.

> List of Open Front Desk Manager Jobs

Consumer Services Jobs  FAQ’s

What is the highest-paid customer service job?

The highest-paid customer service jobs are typically in the insurance or finance industries. This is because customer service jobs in these industries typically do not have a set salary and instead offer commission-based pay structures. This means that the amount you earn can vary greatly depending on how much business you bring in. In terms of a fixed salary, Vice Presidents of Customer Service positions in most companies can be $100k to $185k per year.

What is the best job for customer service?

Based on our research into job satisfaction, earning potential, career progress, and benefits, the top 3 best jobs for customer service positions are:

  • Concierge
  • Front Desk Manager
  • Member Services Representative

What Is The Best Paying Consumer Services Job For You?

To determine which job is the best consumer services job for you, it is important to consider your own skills and interests.

For example, if you have a bachelor's degree and 1 or more years of experience working in customer service, you may want to consider a job as Front Desk Manager, as these jobs have fantastic pay and lead to many career progression opportunities.

Or, if you have less formal education and you enjoy working with people and have strong communication skills, you may want to consider a Concierge job. These positions typically have great salaries and the ability to earn tips, as well as the chance to progress to higher management positions as your experience grows.

Whatever your situation, consumer services jobs can be some of the most challenging but rewarding jobs on the planet!

Jun 16, 2023
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