YouTube™ Genius? How Mark Rober Averages Over 30 Million Views Per Video

YouTube™ Genius? How Mark Rober Averages Over 30 Million Views Per Video

What does it take to attract 19 million subscribers on YouTube?
Mark Rober
, a YouTuber who makes videos about larger-than-life science experiments seems to have cracked the code on how to not only attract a sizeable amount of viewers on Youtube but to also turn it into a successful business.

Mark Rober’s net worth currently sits at 5 million, and some of that income comes form the Mark Rober merch store found here: (

Mark's merch is actually pretty cool. There's not many YouTube stars I'd buy merch from but hthre's some stuff in there I would buy.

His first YouTube video, which was a short 49 second Halloween costume prank posted 9 years ago, garnered over 10 million views and from there, his channel began to grow, with a current average of 37 million views per video and 300 thousand new subscribers every time he posts.

iPad 2 Halloween Costume Prank

So, how come Mark Rober can attract such a large viewership, while other big time YouTubers are dealing with averages of a measly 1 million views per video?

We’ve analyzed Mark’s process and have come up with 6 unique aspects to his channel and his videos that we believe are the reason why his viewership is so high.

Here’s what we’ve found:

1. All of his videos have the potential to go viral

Mark would never post about something “everyday” or “normal”, he’s always going for the most wild, insane, unbelievable idea.

His unique ideas attract viewers who think “wow, I’ve never seen something like that before, I NEED to watch this!”.

He would never replicate a tired Youtube trend, but instead, uses concepts that work and then re-invents them to make them more exciting and…explosive!

2. He keeps new viewers in mind

Mark Rober is not about catering to a small, niche audience.

Instead, he’s looking to reach the entire world.

This, we believe, is a big reason why he’s able to attract so many new subscribers with every new video he posts.

He makes new viewers feel “part of the club” and refrains from using cryptic language and inside jokes which could cause a viewer to feel isolated and click away.

3. He starts the video off with a bang

To immediately hook the viewer, Mark always includes a short trailer at the beginning of the video to show the viewer what’s to come.

If it’s a science experiment that ends in an explosion, you can bet he’s including a few quick clips of it.

Check out the intro below for the Car vs Strongest Trampoline video:

4. He uses a classic story structure to make the viewer emotionally invested

Watching a Mark Rober YouTube video almost feels like you’re sitting through a super short Hollywood movie.

Not only is there the story of the experiment or prank he’s building, but there is usually a more “human” aspect that he includes in the mix whether that be an innocent victim of a scam or a young boy who’s stuck in the hospital with a terminal illness. 

The extra human element is one of the keys to keeping viewers engaged is the audience ends up wanting the experiment to work out for a bigger reason than just a cool explosion and will be more likely to stick around until the very end of the video.

The basic story sequences he follows is:

  1. Explosive summary intro to plant the question of the outcome in your mind
  2. Back story of how this video came to be
  3. Tells the story
  4. Final outcome with questions answered

5. He keeps his titles short and snappy

Look at any of Mark’s video titles and they always perfectly tells you exactly what the video is about while being both intriguing and clickable.

A study on the length of Youtube titles found that videos with titles of 44 characters or less performed better than titles that were longer.

This is just another reason why Mark’s videos attract the amount of viewers they do.

6. His thumbnails instantly open the question loop

Have you ever clicked on the thumbnail of a Youtube video only to find out it’s just a person talking for 20 minutes in a dimly lit room?

Mark Rober takes his thumbnails very seriously in that they perfectly encapsulate what the video will deliver and he doesn’t leave anything out.

If there’s a giant explosion, he’s showing it. If he’s meeting Bill Gates for dinner, he’s using a picture of them, side by side, dining on steak tartare.

This immediately opens questions in the viewers mind about "What was the outcome?", "How did he do it?" etc...

Here's some examples:

Mark Rober Glitter Bomb 3.0 Video Thumbnail
Mark Rober Mega Trampoline Video Thumbnail

Mark has also been known to change his thumbnails when he notices he’s not getting as many viewers as he knows he could. Everyone saw the Mark Rober squirrel maze video, but you will notice that the sequel to this video has a different, better image.

Mark Rober Squirrel 2.0 Video Thumbnail

His thumbnails not only create intrigue and interest, but his audience has grown to trust that whatever is pictured is what they will see in the video. This seems to be very important if you are looking to quickly grow your audience. 

With over 19 million subscribers, Mark Rober is definitely doing something right. The biggest thing to take away from this analysis is that the YouTubers with 10 million+ subscribers are more often than not, creating with the intention to reach a wide audience. Not even guys like PewDiePie have the level of views that Mark Rober does. At the end of the day, good storytelling and quality thumbnails is all you need to build a Youtube empire. Oh, and maybe a glitterbomb or two. 

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Jan 17, 2024

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