How TommyInnit Blows Up YouTube™ And Gains 7 Million Subscribers in 1 Year

How TommyInnit Blows Up YouTube™ And Gains 7 Million Subscribers in 1 Year

If you are a teenager who plays Minecraft, you’ve definitely stumbled on a few of Tommyinnit’s YouTube videos (

Tommy makes “Minecraft mod” videos which shows him playing with Minecraft modification packs live on-screen all while cracking jokes and making sure not a minute goes by without something fun happening.

Tommyinnit has made a huge leap in popularity over the past couple of years going from 200 thousand subscribers in early 2020 to 10 million in September 2021.

He has his own “Tommyinnit skin” for Minecraft players as well as his own Tommyinnit merch store ( .

Not too shabby for a 17 -year-old.

While it’s true that this big jump in subscribers came from a calculated collaboration with “Dream” another Minecraft-focused YouTuber who has over 25 million subscribers, there’s a reason why Tommyinnit was even invited to play with the top players on YouTube.

It’s his special brand of video creation that we believe was a driving factor in his recent collaborations and sudden upsurge in followers.

So, how did he make such a big jump in subscribers and how can you replicate that sort of success with your own channel or social media account?

Here’s what we’ve found:

1. He has mastered YouTube storytelling techniques

If you look at any of Tomminnit’s YouTube videos, you will find that he always follows a classic storytelling structure where he presents a problem and then solves it (often in a very unconventional way).

His video menu is varied with daily vlogs, Minecraft commentary and general life updates, but no matter what type of video he’s presenting, there is always a story at play, whether that be him and his friends building up the courage to go skydiving or Tommy coming to terms with being recognized in public.

It appears that even casual vlogs benefit from a clear storyline.

2. He introduces a new visual element every 1-3 seconds

Tommyinnit videos are always fast-paced, leaving no time for the viewer to even think about clicking away. If you watch his videos closely, you will notice that the visuals change every 3 seconds or so. This seems to be very effective in hooking the viewer as it requires a bit more brainpower to follow along. The audience ends up having no choice but to watch, otherwise they might miss something.

3. Every video he makes is optimized for new viewers

You will notice that most of Tommyinnit’s videos always start with an explanation of who he is and what’s been happening to him lately. This produces intimacy with the viewer, especially new viewers who are clicking one of Tommyinnit’s Minecraft videos for the first time. He instantly feels like a friend. This could be the difference between hitting subscribe and moving on to the next channel.

4. He uses subtitles in every video

In addition to fast-paced visuals, Tommyinnit uses another unexpected method for hooking the attention of his audience and that’s: subtitles! Every Tommyinnit video includes fast-moving subtitles which end up having a hypnotizing effect on the viewer. The text gives the audience something else to focus on, adding to the chaotic movement already present in his videos.

5. He delivers a joke every 1-2 minutes

One big reason why Tommyinnit is able to attract such a big audience is that the viewer always knows what they’re going to get. They know that Tommyinnit’s Minecraft streams are always a good time. He always makes sure to deliver the entertainment with a humorous moment every 1-2 minutes.

6. He uses high-interest keywords in his titles

Tommyinnit became interested in hacking the YouTube algorithm early on in his journey. He found out that adding keywords like “Minecraft” into most of his titles will attract a high volume of viewers. He would also add keywords or names of people from other popular channels in order to gain subscribers from their viewer-base.

7. He uses a consistent brand for his thumbnails

If you scroll down Tommyinnit’s “videos” page, you will see that every single thumbnail has a picture of him wearing a red and white baseball tee and a cheesy grin. This is Tommy’s way of branding his channel and setting himself apart from the rest of the Minecraft YouTuber's.

Consistently Branded Video Thumbnails

Even though Tommyinnit gained most of his followers from other successful gamers, he also did his part in attracting their attention by creating videos with fast-paced visuals, a consistent brand image and captivating stories.

Oct 14, 2023

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