​​The 2022 Hottest Black Backpack List - A Buyers Guide

A black backpack is a perfect accessory for any outfit or type of use – because it goes with everything! And our list has a variety of backpacks to choose from so that you can find the perfect one for your lifestyle.

To save you hours going through reviews and ratings, or ending up buying a backpack that doesn't quite fit what you need, we've done the hard work to find the perfect backpack for several different situations and types of people.

Whether you need a backpack that fits a laptop, a backpack for school, hiking, air travel, or sports, we’ve found the best of the best black backpacks and listed them here on our site.

Keep scrolling through our review to find the one that suits you!

Matein Laptop Backpack
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Why People Are Loving This Backpack

People are loving this backpack because it's perfect for all-around use. It has a lot of compartments and pockets, which makes it ideal for carrying everything you need with you on the go.

The straps are also highly adjustable, so you can get the perfect fit for your body type.

This bag is lightweight, very comfortable, and has some nice features built into it, such as a keyring holder that latches and unlatches, a separate compartment that stores a laptop, an outer USB port (which can be hooked up to a battery pack on the inside), and it’s nice and spacious as well. 

If you're looking for a black backpack that will serve you well in any situation, the Matein backpack is the answer.

A positive buyer's comment - "It’s very lightweight and very sturdy."

What You Should Know About The Matein Brand

The brand name Matein was originally from Tom’s, one of the founders, response to their startup idea, “Mate, I'm in!” Just like that, a symbol of companionship and friendship gives its soul to the brand.

Imagine the backpack is your best mate, carrying everything you need, securing every trip you take. In less than half a year, Matein officially launched its first collection on Amazon and quickly received high praise from customers.

Overtopped the famous brand to get on the best seller list, and yet it is still ranked first. So far Matein has sold more than one million backpacks around the world.

In the school, on the city roads, and at the airport, you can see so many people carrying Matein backpacks.

Kroser Laptop Backpack
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Why People Are Loving This Backpack

People are loving this backpack because it is perfect for work, especially if you need to carry your laptop with you to and from the office.

The best feature people are loving is the option to fully open the bag at the top and see all the contents at one time instead of having to open different compartments. This makes it really unique in the world of backpacks.

The stitching is super sturdy and there are lots of pockets and the zipper works very well. The padding on the straps is comfortable and the fabric withstands a lot of abuse.

They love that it doesn't weigh them down and they are able to use it as a backpack or just use the handles at the top to carry like a briefcase when needed.

The padded shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry, and the top handle lets you grab it and go.

A positive buyer's comment - "The shoulder straps are strong and not overly padded."

What You Should Know About The Kroser Brand

For over 20 years, Kroser has been dedicated to designing stylish and functional computer bags. The Kroser team is passionate about creating products that make life easier for busy professionals and students.

They are constantly innovating and expanding product lines to meet the ever-changing needs of customers. The company's goal is to provide high-quality products that are both stylish and practical.

The group is proud to offer a wide range of computer bags in a variety of colors and styles. Whether you're looking for a sleek and professional laptop bag or a bright and fun backpack, Kroser has a laptop backpack for you.

MYSTERY RANCH 2-Day Assault Backpack
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Why People Are Loving This Backpack

People are loving this backpack because it's comfortable to wear, even when it's fully loaded.

They love its great organization while not overcrowding the bag with excessive pockets. It also doubles as a great EDC (Everyday Carry) pack for work or travel.

The aesthetics of the bag are perfect, it has lots of pockets on the inside for separation and is by far the most comfortable and durable pack.

A positive buyer's comment - "This bag is a great combination of size, quality, durability, and comfort for a day pack/get home bag."

What You Should Know About The Mystery Ranch Brand

Conceived in the Rocky Mountains and used all over the world, MYSTERY RANCH packs have always had a single purpose: to minimize the burden on the back.

Which in turn maximizes the strength, speed, and overall performance—as a soldier, firefighter, hunter, skier, climber, or whatever bold and strenuous activity you call your own.

Founders Dana Gleason and Renée Sippel-Baker brought decades of industry experience to bear, furthering their longtime goal of making backpacks better, stronger, more flexible, and durable—and, above all, more comfortable to carry when loaded.

Built on the bedrock of Dana Design and other renowned outdoor brands, MYSTERY RANCH has since become a bastion of load-bearing R&D.

Adidas Striker 2 Team Backpack
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Why People Are Loving This Backpack

People are loving this backpack because it is roomy enough to store everything they need, but not too big or bulky.

This backpack is a great sturdy bag and has a lot of space like a luggage bag. It's is big inside but doesn’t look massive. It holds a lot and is best used for sports, school or travel. It has sufficient pockets and has some nice secure small ones for smaller items.

Plus, the materials used are high-quality and feel great to the touch. Best of all, this backpack is very affordably priced! 

A positive buyer's comment - “Its materials feel good to the touch and its price is very favorable.”

What You Should Know About The Adidas Brand

Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing, and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second-largest in the world, after Nike.

Adidas was founded in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, in 1949 by Adolf "Adi" Dassler, who began making sports shoes in his mother's kitchen.

The company produces a wide range of products, including footballs, basketballs, tennis balls, golf clubs, sneakers, and other fitness equipment.

In addition to its flagship Adidas brand, the company also owns Reebok, TaylorMade-Adidas Golf, and Rockport.

With over 60,000 employees in more than 160 countries, Adidas is one of the world's largest companies.

No items found.

Why People Are Loving This Backpack

Buyers are loving this backpack because it is versatile and stylish.

People love that the backpack’s compartments are nicely sized, it is very well organized with a nice back pocket for the computer and easy access side zipper.

They also love that the straps are padded and very comfortable on the shoulders.

It is definitely great quality for money. Plus, the gold zipper adds a touch of luxury.

A positive buyer's comment - “The gold zipper is beautiful with the black quilted fabric.”

What You Should Know About The Light Flight Brand

Light Flight produces great quality and stylish bags specifically for women, ranging from laptop bags to makeup bags. They also released a travel collection in a chic color that stylish women will surely love.

They have a wide range of bags, from laptop bags to makeup bags, and they just released a travel collection in a chic color that stylish women will love as the perfect gift.

If you're looking for a bag that's both stylish and functional, Light Flight is the brand for you. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship is evident in every bag they produce.

So don't hesitate to check out Light Flight's latest collection - your perfect bag is waiting for you!

Asenlin Laptop Travel Backpack
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Why People Are Loving This Backpack

People are loving this backpack for its sleek black look and for how perfect it is for traveling. It has a lot of compartments and pockets, which makes organizing everything a breeze, and it's also super comfortable to wear.

They love that this backpack seems to be the best way to go "hands-free" with all your carry-on items on a plane/anywhere and just an easy way to store your water and extra clothes.

It comes with storage bags to put toiletries in or to separate types of clothing. They also love the flexibility to use it as a backpack or small suitcase for women men.

And if you're worried about packing everything in, don't be! The Asenlin comes with packing cubes that make it easy to pack and unpack all your belongings.

So say goodbye to stressful packing and hello to effortless style with the Asenlin backpack.

A positive buyer's comment - "The packing cubes made packing and unpacking a breeze!"

What You Should Know About The Asenlin Brand

Asenlin is a high-end brand backpack company that focuses on the development and design of women's and men's multi-functional business backpacks and travel backpacks.

They are committed to integrating modem technology in a personalized, sustainable, and safe way to create quality and appearance coexist products.

The company has a wide range of backpacks that cater to different needs such as laptop backpacks, anti-theft backpacks, USB charging backpacks, and water-resistant backpacks.

Whether you are looking for a backpack for work, school, or travel, Asenlin has a bag that will suit your needs.

The company's focus on quality and style makes them stand out in the market, and its commitment to customer satisfaction means that you can be sure you are getting a product that is built to last.

If you are in the market for a new backpack, be sure to check out Asenlin's collection. You won't be disappointed.

Dakine Unisex Backpack
No items found.

Why People Are Loving This Backpack

People are loving this backpack because it has lots of functional room and the quality is excellent. They love that it is very comfortable to wear even when fully loaded, the straps are padded and the weight can be easily distributed. 

The backpack's main compartment is large enough to fit all your essentials, and the compartments are logically divided so you can find everything you need in a snap.

Plus, the backpack is super comfortable to wear, even when it's fully loaded. The straps are padded and the weight is evenly distributed, so you won't feel weighed down. 

And if you're traveling with kids, the chest strap is a lifesaver. It's helpful and adjustable, so even smaller children can wear it comfortably.

A positive buyer's comment - “The chest strap is helpful and lashes well, especially for slightly smaller children.”

What You Should Know About The Dakine Brand

Dakine is a company that understands the active lifestyle. Founded in Hawaii in 1979, they've been making gear for people who love to surf, snowboard, skateboard, mountain bike, ski, windsurf, and kiteboard.

But they don't just make gear for the sports themselves - they also make travel bags and accessories to help you get where you're going and make the most of your adventure.

And because they're located at the base of Mt. Hood in Hood River, Oregon, they know a thing or two about harsh conditions and how to stay comfortable in them.

So whether you're heading out for a day on the slopes or a week in the backcountry, Dakine has the gear you need to make it an epic adventure.

The North Face Women's Jester School Laptop Backpack
No items found.

Why People Are Loving This Backpack

People are loving this backpack because of its sleek design, comfort, and room for everything you need to carry for work or school. The North Face has a great reputation for quality, so you know this backpack will last.

Buyers love the backpack’s versatility and comfort for everyday wear. It’s designed so that you can easily organize your things inside and fits comfortably on the back.

They love its women-specific FlexVent suspension system and padded laptop sleeve. It’s of great quality and at a reasonable price.

If you're looking for a black backpack that will be comfortable and last longer, then the North Face Women's Jester School Laptop Backpack is the one for you.

A positive buyer's comment - “Comfortable. Functional. Durable”

What You Should Know About The North Face Brand

The North Face is an American outdoor recreation products company. The North Face produces outdoor clothing, footwear, and related equipment.

Founded in 1968 to supply climbers, the company's logo draws inspiration from Half Dome, in Yosemite National Park.

By the late 1990s, the label had expanded beyond outdoor enthusiasts by focusing on street couture and since the 2000s it is regarded as a streetwear style symbol label. 

In 1989, The North Face co-founds The Conservation Alliance with REI, Patagonia, and Kelty.

The group distributes its collective annual membership dues to grassroots organizations working to protect North America’s last wild places.

JanSport SuperBreak One Backpack
No items found.

Why People Are Loving This Backpack

People are loving this bag because of its simple design, affordability, and how versatile it is. You can use it as an everyday backpack or for light travel.

Customers love that it can carry a decent amount of weight, can last in the wash (air dry only), and are super roomy.

It is great for bicycles, scooters, or motorcycle riding. It holds a lot more than just books.

Some people used it for groceries, beer, tools, mail packages, and extra clothing. This is a classic backpack brand and cannot go wrong with it.

Whether you're looking for a dependable everyday backpack or something to take on your next adventure, the Jansport SuperBreak One is a perfect choice.

A positive buyer's comment - "Sturdy, light, and plenty of space."

What You Should Know About The JanSport Brand

JanSport is an American brand of backpacks and collegiate apparel, now owned by VF Corporation, one of the world's largest apparel companies.

JanSport is the world's largest backpack maker, and together, JanSport and The North Face, also owned by VF Corporation, sell nearly half of all small backpacks sold in the United States. 

JanSport was founded in 1967 in Seattle, Washington, the United States by Murray Pletz, his wife Janis "Jan" Lewis (for whom the company is named), and his father Norman Pletz.

JanSport started by developing the external frame backpack which used a metal frame with a cloth packsack attached to it.

The products they make include technical day packs and internal frame backpacks. In 1975, JanSport introduced the first convertible travel pack, as well as its signature daypack.

Herschel Classic Backpack
No items found.

Why People Are Loving This Backpack

People are loving this backpack because it is perfect for everyday use, whether you are commuting to work or going to school. The backpack is also great for travel as it fits everything you need and more.

They love that it’s a simple backpack, but well made. It is spacious, versatile, and tech-friendly, the small compartment in the front is great for small items as well as the water bottle pocket.

People find the Classic XL backpack suited for both your everyday commutes and your airplane carry-ons. People love the classic yet modern design of the Herschel Classic Backpack. The old-school look is perfect for today’s busy lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for a backpack for work, school, or travel, the Herschel Classic backpack is perfect for you.

"love the old-school look."

What You Should Know About The Herschel Brand

Herschel Supply Co. is a design-driven global accessories brand that produces timeless utility products.

Founded in 2009 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, Herschel Supply Co. adopted the name of the town where three generations of their family grew up - Herschel, Nova Scotia.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Herschel Supply Co.'s product offering includes bags, travel goods, and accessories designed for everyday use.

Herschel Supply Co.'s philosophy is to design timeless products with a fine regard for detail. Jamie and Lyndon Cormack continue to operate Herschel Supply Co. with the goal of creating the highest quality products with a dedication to craftsmanship and an appreciation for classic design.

Backpack FAQ’s 

Here are the most frequently asked questions about backpacks.

Which brand makes the best backpack?

It depends on personal preferences and what type of activities the backpack will be used for. That said, some popular backpack brands include North Face, Patagonia, Columbia, and REI.

It's important to try on different backpacks and see which one feels most comfortable and fits best before making a purchase.

Why is it called a Bergen backpack?

It is called a Bergen backpack because the company that first designed and sold them, Bergans of Norway, is from Bergen, Norway.

What backpacks do the SAS use?

The SAS (Special Air Service) is a special forces unit of the British Army, so they have access to some of the best equipment available. In terms of backpacks, they often use Berghaus or Osprey packs, depending on the situation and mission requirements. 

What is the difference between a Bergen and a rucksack?

A rucksack is a type of backpack that is often used for hiking or camping. They are larger than a regular backpack and have more compartments and pockets to store gear.

A Bergen is a brand of rucksack that is popular with the British military. There are other brands of rucksacks as well, but Bergens are known for their durability and comfort.

How do I choose a comfortable backpack?

When selecting a backpack, be sure to choose one with well-padded shoulder straps and a waist belt.

The backpack's size is also important. It should be big enough to fit all of your necessary gear, but not so large that it becomes cumbersome to carry.

And finally, try the backpack on before you buy it! Make sure the shoulder straps are adjustable so that they can be made as tight or loose as needed.

What backpack do Navy Seals use?

Navy Seals use a backpack designed and manufactured by Camelbak. The pack features a 3-liter water bladder to keep the wearer hydrated and an armor-carrying system to protect the wearer from shrapnel and other debris.

Why is it called backpacking and not Rucksacking?

The term "backpacking" was actually coined in the early 1900s and is a combination of the words "back" and "pack". The term "rucksacking" was not coined until much later, in the 1970s. Rucksacks (or rucksacks) are simply backpacks that are meant to be used for military purposes.

How big should my backpack be?

For most people, a backpack that is about 20-25L in size is sufficient. However, if you need to carry more gear with you (for example, if you are going on a longer hike), then you may want to consider a backpack that is 30-40L in size. 

How do you determine backpack size?

Backpack size is determined by several factors, including the type of trip you're taking, the amount of gear you need to bring, and your personal body size and proportions. 

How do you properly wear a backpack?

When wearing a backpack, be sure to distribute the weight evenly by using both straps. Tightening the straps will help to keep the backpack in place. Additionally, make sure that the backpack isn't too heavy for your body type. carrying a heavy backpack can cause back pain and other health problems.

How big is an average school backpack?

An average school backpack is about 12 inches wide, 18 inches high, and 6 inches deep. It usually has a capacity of about 20 to 30 liters.

How long should a backpack last?

If you're a heavy user who wears your backpack daily, you can expect it to last for about 2-3 years. But if you're more careful with your belongings and only use your backpack occasionally, it could easily last 5 years or longer. 

Best Black Backpack For You?

In choosing the right backpack, you have to consider many things, such as the size, color, style, comfort, and where you will use it more often.  

After extensive research, we have presented what we believe are the 10 best-seller black backpacks that can be used for school, travel, work, sport, or hiking.

Our personal favorite is “Adidas Striker 2 Team Backpack”, as it is a super sturdy bag and has a lot of space to quickly dump your stuff in without the need to fold or organize beforehand. Click here to check it out now on Amazon.

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